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Splice OST


I want to talk you about a game I have been playing in Android. The name is Splice. I got it from a humble indie bundle for android and I didn’t give it too much importance because it didnt get my attention.

One day I was bored waiting the bus and I started to play a little bit, I realize that I have understimated it, and I started to play now and then. It was not the best game in the world, but it was entertaining. But then something happened:

Until that moment, I have been playing without music, and because of an accident that time it had the volume up, and I started to listen to the melody of a piano. When I realize it was the music of the game I said to myself: “Wow! This game is much better than I expected” And the only difference was the music.

The interesting thing was, that when I arrive to the next world I realize that the music was different:

And I started to play, in two levels and for two reasons. The first level was in the puzzle level. I was playing trying to overcome all the puzzles one after the other (some of them are not so easy)  and in the other level, I was playing for reaching the next chapter and being able to hear the next piano song…

Wonderful! The truth is sometimes at the first time I arrived to a new chapter, I would be sad, that the last music would be over, but after a time, I would be side by side with the new music, and enjoy even more than the last one.

If you have heard the three links, you could realize a few things. It’s only piano music, they have a very similar structure and all of them need more than two hands to be played :p.

Even if they are very similar each one adds something to the previous one and creates a really good atmosphere that not every game is able to create. I really recommend playing it, while listening to the great music.

PD: Be careful with the epilogue of the game! It can be really tricky!

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  1. JJHaggar
    09/05/2013 at 13:42

    ¡Spoiler! XD

    • 10/05/2013 at 11:07

      Spoiler del spoiler!

  2. 13/05/2013 at 9:17

    Tal como terminé de bajar el juego lo probé. Y tal como dicta mi naturaleza, a pesar de que debía hacer otras cosas, jugué hasta que los créditos me detuvieron. ¡Que música más genial! es exactamente como lo escribes, juegas para ver como será la música en el siguiente nivel y con cada nivel tambien hay cambios en el juego, te va enseñando. Alguna vez has hablado en el blog de esto, de juegos que te enseñan a jugar jugando y no explicando.

    Por otra parte, es una música con la que ya estoy familiarizado, es muy inspirada en las composiciones de Philip Glass, la forma de abordar el oido del que escucha. Primero introduce la base en solitario, que se va a repetir durante toda la canción con algunas variaciones y luego escribe sobre ello. Es casi como interpretar el pentagrama en sí mismo.

    ¡Muchas gracias por enseñarme este juego!

    PD: el epilogo es bastante más duro xD

    • 13/05/2013 at 21:13

      Woooo! Muchas gracias por jugar hermanitooooo. Me alegra de que te hayas gustado! Yo lo normal me lo pasé bastante rápido. En el epílogo aún voy por el episodio 3. Tu por donde vas?

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