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Another OST for the RPG

This is the Home Town OST.

In the beginning of the Game you get introduced to the story of the world in that you will play. It is a very sad story, almost everyone died after an Apocalyptical Atomic War, and there are not many places left on earth where you can live.

In midst of this broken world you start your quest to survive.  And the place you re-establish your folk, and where you will hear the sad stories of these people is your home town.

There is almost no water and no food, the people are hopeless, and you are the hero that can rebuild their hope, give them a future.

The OST builds on this sadness of this people, on the edge of losing hope or finding hope.

So i used a metallic sound of just 2 notes that are so close together. Like hope and giving up hope, they don’t fit together they are not harmonic, and between these two notes the music goes.

Then comes a Harmonica, like in the wild west, it should express loneliness and emptiness. The melody of the Harmonica like a blowing wind, sometimes fast sometimes slow.

The metallic sound changes in the second part of the song to a more hopeful state (triples) and to give this hopeless song some hope there comes a piano that kind of says, carry on.

I really love this song it is rich in emotions. I hope you enjoy it. The first tame I gave that song was: “very sad song”

Have fun and comment     ; P


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  1. JJHaggar
    04/06/2013 at 0:43

    Me encanta esta OST, si el juego es la mitad de bueno que la banda sonora me lo compro 😀
    I love this OST, if the game is at least at half the level of the music I’ll buy it 😀

  2. 04/06/2013 at 3:12

    Yo se que siempre me dices que debo escuchar la música con algún artefacto más decente que los altavoces del portatil o del movil. Pero me veo obligado a escucharlo con medio casco de renfe (el otro medio no se donde está, solo tengo un cable pelado). Espero que puedas perdonarme.

    Y la verdad estoy deseando llegar a casa y conectar los altavoces potentes, creo que esta vez os habeis superado.

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