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This is the first song of a new OST. They don’t allow us yet to talk about the game, but don’t worry next week we will put already a couple of images! It’s going to be an amazing game for Ouya the new console of Android that will be released the 20th of this month.

This part of the game is about jumping from one side to another, it will be all the time jumping so it needed a rhytmic jumping sense. And it’s in japan so it has a lof of asian instruments and scales!

Even if its a very short loop it has 2 parts and a connection. In all of three parts the main instrument is a chiptune lead synth that makes fast rhythm and melodic asian movements, then at each part different things are happening.

Part 1. The song starts with the melody, the percussion and a background synth in the role of the bass. Just a few seconds later, one could hear a couple of things more. One is the sound of what seems to be a crazy character saying a criptic word (this will repeat all through the song, what is he saying?) and the sound of a xilophone doing a few lonely notes. After a few more seconds the sound of a guitar leads to the connection.

The connection is a break of the rhythm part, that connects the other two things using an asiatic-kind of melody.

Second part starts with a faster rhythm of the melody and a second melody done by a “Shamizen?” (Some kind of japanese guitar sound) The background synth is not present in the beginning of the second part to give a little bit of air to the song but the xilophone wins a little bit of protagonism in the lower frequencies. Also the drums start in lower volume and rise. At the end all instruments will speak together to end the loop and start from the beginning, while the last words are said in a fast sucession.

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  1. 09/06/2013 at 20:55

    I love your explanation of your work, it’s fun to read 😉 Great song I love it

  2. JJHaggar
    13/06/2013 at 23:08

    Hi! ^_^

    Thank you very much for the music for “Ninja Trials”! 😀

    Just a little clarification, what Danpelgar said it will be released later this month (June 25th to be exact) is the Ouya console, not our game (although we’ll try to release it as soon as possible).

    See you!

    P.S: You can talk about the game, no problem about it 😉

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