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Evil Castle

In the scene a dark castle can be seen.

A person is walking up and down through a corridor while his front is frowning. Suddenly he stops, looks through the big window of the corridor and starts laughing. First, slowly and stupidly and eventually it rises in strength and continuity. While still laughing he rises his arms and invokes a few lightnings from the dark sky.

If one would follow the gaze of this apparently crazy and evil man, he would see a young boy with green hair approaching the castle with too much ingenuity. When he crosses the door the castle becomes alive. Walls and paintings, ceremonial weapons and empty armors start to fly around this young boy and try to reach him. He evades this things and casts one or two spells on the armors, then he draws his axe and destroy a few more of this decorative elements. When he reaches the main stair the evil man is waiting on top of it. With a little movement of his hand he makes that everything stops again and looks feriously towards the young boy. The eco of war drums can be heard in the distance just before the battle begins…

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  1. JJHaggar
    21/07/2013 at 19:18

    Spoiler!! XD

  2. 22/07/2013 at 11:23

    Interesante… me gusta el sonido de los war drums, suenan como fuegos artificiales XD

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