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Our Way to Professional Composition Part 1 (Tig Forum for the win!)

I’ve been using lately a lot the audio part of the tig forum. I’m very glad that I’ve found it because there you can find really interesting people that compose music for videogames.

At the beginning I thought that because we are all like “concurrent products”, the ambient of a forum like this would be a little bit tense, but it’s actually the opposite. Every person is ready to help and a lot of discussions are done for improving the composition as well as comments of songs from other people. This net that is formed in the forum is also expanded to soundcloud.

What I wanted to do today is to show a few examples of songs from my new friends (or inspirations) for you to enjoy.

Zack Parrish: (https://soundcloud.com/zack-parrish)

He composes mostly orchestral using some electric guitars and other instruments he plays himself (like a native american flute). This song he uploaded it quite recently and I found it very well structured and exciting:

I met him through a thread in the forum called “Harsh Criticism thread”. His idea was to do a thread were the people could put their songs and be prepared to receive honest and direct comments in order to improve faster. I found it a really good idea and I learned a lot from what it was talked there. Principally he was doing the critics so I have to thank him for all the time invested. Thanks Zack!

This songs is one of the first I listened from him. I like the atmosphere it produces.

He is doing right now the OST for a very nice looking game called valdis story. I hope it comes out soon! (Ost already available and the game is in greenlight. Vote for it!)


Calum Bowen: (https://soundcloud.com/calumbowen)

He is also one of the people who was commenting and telling us how to correct a few things of the songs we do.

He centers his music in sweet little and crazy sounds. His way of mixing instruments and composing structure is superb. I enjoyed a lot this song in particular:

It was part of a contest inside the forum. The theme was “one-note-bass-line” and he decided to do his Frantic flight. Is a complete journey that keeps you in your toes waiting to know what’s going to happen next. Crazy, fun and greatly composed.

This one is also quite interesting. More pop oriented with asiatic influences.


Case Portman: (https://soundcloud.com/kc_portman)

Another one of my favourites from the forum. He composes a little bit more using synths and video game sounds, not so orchestral. The first song I heard from him was this one:

So nice! I thought this nice animal here was a squirrel but if you look closely it has an scorpion tail!

Another of my favourite songs is this one:

He made it also for the contest but in this one the theme was “love”. He did a space-like tune that reminded me to the dancing scene of Wall-E. Very nice 🙂

Hey that’s a lot of music for one day! Don’t eat everything in a row. You can play a few today and keep a few others for tomorrow!

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  1. JJHaggar
    29/07/2013 at 13:53

    They are great 🙂 My favourites are the music from the “scorpion-squirrel-cowboy” character and the one called “Bubbles” ^_^

  2. 03/08/2013 at 11:04

    Mooola ^_^. Miss you, aunque rara, suena guay tb .

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