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Our way to professional composition part 2 (SoundCloud is also great!)

Today I will speak about three more people I met (this time in soundcloud)


MatriasCastroComposer : (https://soundcloud.com/matiascastrocomposer)

I found the music of this guy going around soundcloud from composer to composer. He composed the OST for Evilot a game that is relatively famous right now. I think he did a great job, and is great to hear a real orchestra

I like this one much more :D. Is the main theme. It’s incredible how the main melody goes through different instruments and each of them gives a different character to it.

Music Vortex: (https://soundcloud.com/music-vortex)

This guy is a professional composer in Costa Rica, he composes contemporary music, but also music for Films and Games

This for example is one of his contemporary pieces. It has rhythms that never stay the same, and a series of sounds that makes you dizzy. I find it very interesting to listen to.

When going to videogame music, he has composed the music for a game called bloom:

No idea what this game talks about but I think the music is nice and relaxing.

This one is very Tim Burton style. Is a little bit funny and scary and misterious at the same time.

Danny Morris (JC): https://soundcloud.com/dannymorris-1

I like this one a lot. It reminds me to final fantasy 9, but that doesnt matter the good thing is its a song that even being catchy it never repeats itself and has a very organic sound. I could hear it a very very long period of time…

The other aspect of this great composer is that he composes video game music but not for video games. He does it only for fun. And to be able to concentrate himself better and give more space to his melodies with every song he writes a story. You can read it in the description of the song. Do it please! it’s very interesting!


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    Me gusta mucho la primera y la última tb ta mu guay.

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