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Math Maze! OST

There havent been a lot of posts lately in the blog because we have been busy doing a few changes in the web page and in the way we compose, as well as the tools to compose.

For the webpage you can see now a really nice banner that musamic made the other day!

About tools and composing we are very happy to have new gadgets. We changed the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) we were using to Sonar now. The reasons are basically two. Our previous DAW would not allow to import VST instruments, and the second reason is it’s quite easy to use. We tried other possibilities but decided this will do quite ok.

For the instruments, we recently acquired a super VST pack that is called Complete Composers Collection (http://www.soundsonline.com/CCC2). Since we ordered it, it took a while to come but the wait and the money was worth it. The sounds that it includes are really amazing and you will see a notable difference of quality in the sound of the instrumens progressively (when we adapt to them and learn how to use them)


For the next point, we are very happy to announce the new OST! Is the Math Maze! OST.

Math Maze! is a puzzle game where you have to solve little math problems to advance in a labyrynth. It’s very colorful and fun, also challenging. It will be out probably in a few days, available for android devices or the web browser Chrome through Google Play.

Math Maze! was developed by Sion Dream Games (David Saltares Márquez). You can check his blog here: http://siondream.com/blog/

Now the Music!

In the alpha of the game, a alpha music was used as a filler while we were doing our job, and one of the concerns of the testers was that it became repetitive. David told me this when we were already composing the beginning of the piece, and in this moment I had already a few different ideas. I thought that maybe it would be possible to make a unique theme for the game but that had different parts and transitions between them. This would make the music flow and I was interested in trying it out, so what I did was a kind of mindstorm of music using the idea of maths that I have in my head.

The different parts of the song came out of this brainstorm and then we were pulishing them and trying to unify them through different bridges. One would think that maybe this could lead to an heterogenous mixture of not correlated ideas, but on the contrary, I think the use of the instruments and the different “motives” that are heard through the song make it dynamic but coherent. 

For example, there are two main instruments. One is a pizzicato that is used for the “funnier” parts and then there is a guitar, that is used for the more relaxed and meditative parts. But even between them there are relationships.

The truth is we enjoyed really a lot the composition of this theme and I hope you enjoy also listening.


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