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For the people who don’t know yet, we have a couple of projects opened right now. I will explain briefly the status of each one.

Ninja trials: This is an ouya game about ninjas and little trials that is going to be great. It had some delays and we hope it will be in the marked as soon as posible. We still have a few themes to do for some trials, but for now we prefer to see this trials in a more advanced stage to have a better idea of the time we need and the ambientation of the trial. You can find the songs in soundcloud here:

Green Hair Guy Game: It’s going to be an RPG with SNES graphics, a deep story and a very wide world. The people who are doing it are putting a lot of effort and time on it and are trying to give a lot of details to each part of the game. We are doing the OST step by step when we have the different parts of the game. It’s going to be a long project so don’t expect to have the songs too early ;). We have done this few till now:

Sky Knight: This is a new and short project we are doing with a game developer from Hampshire. It’s an Android Game about a super hero with a motorbike that has to kill a few super-bad guys. The music it’s going to be a mix between F-Zero and Megaman more or less. Here is the first song:

In the next days we will focus in the Sky night themes and if something new come then welcome to it 🙂

  1. 26/09/2013 at 1:21

    Estoy muy interesado en el juego del tío de pelo verde, así que cuando abran una beta o una web al público avísame ¿ok? 😀

    Me acabo de acordar cómo se llamaba el juego al que me recordaba el Sky Knight (que por cierto, también me interesa), era el Action Fighter de Master System 🙂

    El juego de Ninjas tampoco tiene mala pinta XD

  2. 27/09/2013 at 13:14


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