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It’s the Jungle, Baby!

F**k! I dont know what to write because if i would know then i would not do anything is like going to the cinema. By the way I wanted to talk about the last music I made. It’s about a Jungle baby! Yes, were cameleons, lions and crazy amazonas are. And this one is a futuristic one also. With lights, bikes, and full of enemies who throw crazy things to you.

From this crazy mix of events, people and situations comes this:



This is a electro-hardcorish-epic-videogamerish theme that i made the other day and… it was a lot of fun to do it actually. I’ve tried to implement all the new tricks ive learn like configuring the velocity of the instruments one by one, applying gain changes when necessary, post processing everything with a little bit of compression, put different instruments in different places of the scale and also the room, use variations for repetitive motions in some points to forget they were so repetitive etc.


I think that even if it still needs a little bit more of soul it’s an enjoyable theme. But be careful! If you listen it now maybe you cannot sleep! Two of the days i was composing it I ended at bed with the eyes opened as balloons.


Now, one question for the expert musicians out there! What mastering trick, that maybe is a little bit strange, did I use in the second 38?


See you soon!

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  1. 16/10/2013 at 13:12

    Danpelgar, te he dicho muchas veces que no escribas borracho XD que no se te entiende. Qué ices del cinema kiyo! XD

    • 16/10/2013 at 13:50

      XD ya ves illo. Me lo pase bien escribiendo

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