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The savage story of how impossible a game can be and the blue ocean in the Sky

So, a friend have told me about a game and I think I have acquired a very fast addiction to it. It’s very simple. You control a square that only jumps, and there are obstacles that have to be jumped. That’s all.


How can a game like that be so addictive? Principally because of two aspects:


First: It’s ridiculously difficult. You will find yourself trying again and again and again. No continues are possible, if you stomp against something, or you fall, or you go against the spikes you die. You start from the beginning of the stage again and there lots of obstacles. But there is some magic on it that each time that you try allows you to reach one obstacle further, and this supperation instinct or however you want to call it it’s really addictive


Second: The music. It’s a first slow paced electronic with little things followed by a super fast and frenetic melody and sucessions of beats. You want to know how it follows next but you die, so you start from the beginning, you hear the first ten seconds again, that you already know by heart, and you want to know the following part, only to die one second later. You will be able to play the first part without looking because of how the music is synchronized with the game and this is a fantastic feeling. I recommend this experience to every crazy person.


Try the flash version here: http://flukedude.com/theimpossiblegame/ And then buy it! It’s only 70 cents (nope, i dont receive any comission… but I should!)


Here I have also the second part of the Sky Knight OST. It’s called: Look at that big deep blue sea… It’s about Sky Knight killing thousands of people while flying near the surface of the ocean. I have kept it quite simple, a melody in the beginning surfs using the wavy bass and then a few more instruments with tormenty effect come and add a little bit more of depth to the song. It loops at the end



Si os gusta dadle a me gusta, malditos! (con la cuenta de facebook se puede)

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  1. Ony
    29/10/2013 at 18:23

    Me gusta la banda sonora para Sky Knight ¿No hay una web o algo de más información acerca del juego? 🙂

    • 29/10/2013 at 18:28

      De momento no, pero cuando esté terminado pondré un enlace por aquí. Ya te has terminado el impossible game? :p

      • Ony
        29/10/2013 at 18:29

        Lo doy por imposible X) Ya si acaso en otro momento con más tiempo

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