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Sonar X3, Zoom H1 and Leinen Militar Camp

…14:00 and I was still in bed. The day before was the oficial Christmas Party of my company and maybe I was until too late. This thoughts were mixed with retails of little dreams that would still come to my head in this place that exists between consciousness and sleep. But suddenly something awake me totally. The ringbell sounded.

This was somehow strange. Who would come a Saturday to my appartment at this time and without invitation? It didn’t bother me to much actually, so I would have slept again if in the last moment I wouldn’t have remembered. Thomann!

Sonar X3 and Zoom H1 were there, waiting for me. I broke the package like if I were a 12 years old kid in the Christmas day, and I started to read the instructions manuals. So many new things to do! I felt that all the drive to compose I didn’t have the last month came together at once.

Here is the result. First piece is just playing around. I recorded my friend Jaime, playing guitar and I added some effects, a bass guitar, a drum set and weird electronic instrument. It could be much better, but I just wanted to try new things. Maybe in the future I put it a little bit more decent:

Second piece is the theme for the good military guys in New Origin’s game. I’m quite satisfied with the result. Although the composition is quite simple orchestrated (percussion, tuba, trumpet, and little trumpet) I think it works quite good. Also it doesn’t follow the normal orchestration of melody, rhythm, bass and percussion because I somehow couldn’t manage to include a rhythm part on it so I introduced this secondary melody with the soprano trumpet. The only thing I’m not totally comfort with is the percussion in the second part of the second part (let’s do the abstraction!) Somehow it feels like something more could fit in there, but still not sure what. Maybe I do a little, little change there in the future.

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