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Terranigma soundset (Snesology)

Hello, hello!

I’ve done a track using a soundset of Snesology and I’ve submitted it. This snesology is a project to do new music with snes sounds and its really awesome.

The song I did was using a Terranigma soundset (you all know I love this game and its music so for me it was a real pleasure to do this) It’s a song based on Loira’s theme (Europe) from the game, but just different, that’s why is called just Another Loira. I tried to copy the structure and the movements of the instruments but at the same time do my own thing. Of course the original is just brilliant but I’m very happy with what I did.

Here the original version:

Another thing I wanted to comment is a song Alex Roe made himself with the soundset. Alex Roe (also known as RoeTaka in soundcloud) is one of the guys behind the Snesology project. He does excellent works using the sounds he himself extracts from the snes. One of his works is this:

As he says is the song that would sound if the world map would have a night version. I discovered it yesterday and I really love it. It reminds me totally to the game but at the same time it has his own charisma and sound. You will remember the melody just by listening once and the orchestration, detail and care given to it makes the song really worth to listen to once and again.

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