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A hole New World OST – Ludum Dare 30


I have participated in the last Ludum Dare 30 in the Jam Session and we did a game. I was programming and doing music and sounds. It really was a lot of fun to do and we are still excited about it because we finished in the 50th position out of 1050.

Download the game here! A hole New World

It was 72 hours working non-stop. We were 5 people talking in gtalk and laughing all the time. Really, really worth it (even if I was super tired next day for work)

For the graphics and music we tried to emulate the nes as much as possible. We limited the colors for each sprite and tile and we used the chip of the nes for producing the sounds. For doing the themes I used famitracker. http://famitracker.com/ 

Famitracker is a tracker (It was the first time I was using a tracker and it was a lot of fun) that emulates the chip of the nes. It has 4 normal channels and 1 channel for reproducing low quality samples. The 4 normal channels are divided into three types: two square channels, one triangle channel, and one noise channel. Normally the square channels are used for leads or secondary melodies, the triangle is used for bass and the noise is used for the drumset (but there are also a lot of super tricks for using these channels in different ways.)

In the case of the two themes I did, I didnt want to use the sample channel so everything is done only with 4 channels. Here are the tracks:

For the main theme I was looking for something that was spooky and funny at the same time. I was playing around with diminished chords and half tones and came with these succession of 4 notes that sounded funny and spooky. Then doing the sucession with the left hand (still in my piano) i added a jumping bass with fill-ins with the right hand. It worked quite nice. After that I tried a few notes for the melody and finished the melody completely in the tracker

For the boss melody I did first this rapid succession of notes with my piano at home. Trying around I found this sucession quite interesting. Then keeping with the same bass notes I tried to do a simple melody. Later when adjusting that in the tracker I came out with the final version of the melody and added some power chords with the second square channel (megaman style). I think that even if its quite simple, it works nice

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