Ninja Trials. Run.

This is another great OST to complete the Ninja Trails series.
Very epic sound, like you fight for your live by running as fast as you can. 
Enjoy the soundtrack.

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Sonata White

You thing Sonatas are boring?

No way, they just need to be dusted and get a new touch.

This ist a Sonata mixed with modern Jazz.

Have fun listening ūüėČ

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The Woods – No Way Out

20/12/2013 6 comments

You are on your way to get some food and resources in the near forest of Koog. Things are going correctly when suddenly you feel like someone is watching you. You look around but you don’t see anything. Eventually the fear is too big to continue. You just throw everything in the floor and start running. The trees are interminable and you don’t see the exit, it seems you are running actually in the opposite direction as you came. More and more trees make the woods more and more dense. The sun is scarcely possible to see and what it’s worse the sunset is starting. You keep running, trying to avoid trees, go up hills and down, and jumping obstacles. It’s in this moment when you hear it. The voice of a woman is carried by the wind, but no trace of the source is available to you.

In the same way the voice came it dissappeared and you need to run again. Running, keep running, unconsciously you go to the direction of the voice. After some seconds, that for you seemed like hours, you find yourself in an open space where, as the Moon Light penetrates through the less dense amount of trees, a woman can be seen sitting on a rock. She sees you and the moment your eyes intercept each other a strange feeling invades you, a sense of calmness after the run. She tries to tell you something but you don’t understand her words. It seems that she starts to float towards you but her siloutte its more and more diluted in the air. In the moment she tries to touch you, she is not there anymore.

The feeling of calmness is overwhelmed directly by the sensation of being a prey. Running. Escape. There is something following you and there is no way out.


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Sonar X3, Zoom H1 and Leinen Militar Camp

…14:00 and I was still in bed. The day before was the oficial Christmas Party of my company and maybe I was until too late. This thoughts were mixed with retails of little dreams that would still come to my head in this place that exists between consciousness and sleep. But suddenly something awake me totally. The ringbell sounded.

This was somehow strange. Who would come a Saturday to my appartment at this time and without invitation? It didn’t bother me to much actually, so I would have slept again if in the last moment I wouldn’t have remembered. Thomann!

Sonar X3 and Zoom H1 were there, waiting for me. I broke the package like if I were a 12 years old kid in the Christmas day, and I started to read the instructions manuals. So many new things to do! I felt that all the drive to compose I didn’t have the last month came together at once.

Here is the result. First piece is just playing around. I recorded my friend Jaime, playing guitar and I added some effects, a bass guitar, a drum set and weird electronic instrument. It could be much better, but I just wanted to try new things. Maybe in the future I put it a little bit more decent:

Second piece is the theme for the good military guys in New Origin’s game. I’m quite satisfied with the result. Although the composition is quite simple orchestrated (percussion, tuba, trumpet, and little trumpet) I think it works quite good. Also it doesn’t follow the normal orchestration of melody, rhythm, bass and percussion because I somehow couldn’t manage to include a rhythm part on it so I introduced this secondary melody with the soprano trumpet. The only thing I’m not totally comfort with is the percussion in the second part of the second part (let’s do the abstraction!) Somehow it feels like something more could fit in there, but still not sure what. Maybe I do a little, little change there in the future.

The savage story of how impossible a game can be and the blue ocean in the Sky

29/10/2013 3 comments

So, a friend have told me about a game and I think I have acquired a very fast addiction to it. It’s very simple. You control a square that only jumps, and there are obstacles that have to be jumped. That’s all.


How can a game like that be so addictive? Principally because of two aspects:


First: It’s ridiculously difficult. You will find yourself trying again and again and again. No continues are possible, if you stomp against something, or you fall, or you go against the spikes you die. You start from the beginning of the stage again and there lots of obstacles. But there is some magic on it that each time that you try allows you to reach one obstacle further, and this supperation instinct or however you want to call it it’s really addictive


Second: The music. It’s a first slow paced electronic with little things followed by a super fast and frenetic melody and sucessions of beats. You want to know how it follows next but you die, so you start from the beginning, you hear the first ten seconds again, that you already know by heart, and you want to know the following part, only to die one second later. You will be able to play the first part without looking because of how the music is synchronized with the game and this is a fantastic feeling. I recommend this experience to every crazy person.


Try the flash version here:¬†¬†And then buy it! It’s only 70 cents (nope, i dont receive any comission… but I should!)


Here I have also the second part of the Sky Knight OST. It’s called: Look at that big deep blue sea… It’s about Sky Knight killing thousands of people while flying near the surface of the ocean. I have kept it quite simple, a melody in the beginning surfs using the wavy bass and then a few more instruments with tormenty effect come and add a little bit more of depth to the song. It loops at the end



Si os gusta dadle a me gusta, malditos! (con la cuenta de facebook se puede)

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It’s the Jungle, Baby!

15/10/2013 2 comments

F**k! I dont know what to write because if i would know then i would not do anything is like going to the cinema. By the way I wanted to talk about the last music I made. It’s about a Jungle baby! Yes, were cameleons, lions and crazy amazonas are. And this one is a futuristic one also. With lights, bikes, and full of enemies who throw crazy things to you.

From this crazy mix of events, people and situations comes this:



This is a electro-hardcorish-epic-videogamerish theme that i made the other day and… it was a lot of fun to do it actually. I’ve tried to implement all the new tricks ive learn like configuring the velocity of the instruments one by one, applying gain changes when necessary, post processing everything with a little bit of compression, put different instruments in different places of the scale and also the room, use variations for repetitive motions in some points to forget they were so repetitive etc.


I think that even if it still needs a little bit more of soul it’s an enjoyable theme. But be careful! If you listen it now maybe you cannot sleep! Two of the days i was composing it I ended at bed with the eyes opened as balloons.


Now, one question for the expert musicians out there! What mastering trick, that maybe is a little bit strange, did I use in the second 38?


See you soon!

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Terranigma – Another Loira. Snesology

13/10/2013 2 comments

I was challenged to do a Snesology song and when I went to this webpage: I discovered they had the terranigma sounds ripped! Great!

I plan to do this with Orchestra. It’s based on the Terranigma’s Loira Theme and using the Snesology sounds (Here only one) I don’t submit this yet to the snesology because I plan to do it bigger and greater and with lots of instruments, but I wanted to share this one, so you listen something relaxing and animated in the mean time.

In Snesology, people do new original Snes music but based on different games. There are certain restrictions like, you should only use certain amount of channels (7 + 1 sfx) and you are not allowed to use external effects. Let’s see if I’m able to do something bigger with this one. (It doesn’t have a lot of priority in my list so don’t expect it to come very early!)